Our mission is to provide the Green High School boys and girls Varsity basketball teams with better prepared, more fundamentally sound and game experienced players.



This mission will be accomplished…


*       By providing an opportunity where Green residents can participate in a recreational youth basketball program.


*       By creating excitement in the community about basketball, where fundamentals, teamwork, good sportsmanship and having fun are all taught.


*       By providing boys and girls in grades 4, 5 and 6, through try out and invitation, an opportunity to participate on a traveling team playing in local and regional tournaments at a higher level of competition.


*       By encouraging and supporting any players who wish to participate in the A.A.U. basketball program.


*       By being a feeder system for the Middle School and High School programs with more game experienced and more fundamentally prepared players.


*       By building a reputation as a community with successful Youth, Middle School and High School basketball programs.


*       By providing financial assistance to these programs to help meet these goals.



Established in 1995